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Red Wave Technologies (RWT) is a part of Elliott Services, Inc.  your professional source for experienced and qualified industrial inspectors certified to API, NACE, AWS, and ASNT.

New Visitors: A note to our new visitors: Our online resource is primarily intended for current and potential customers to help you come to a discerned dicision about using our nondestructive testing and evaluation services, to improve the performance of your machinery and the infrastructure that helps create profitabilty for your company. Review what we do - IR/T Services and email us to take a look at a pragramtic, timely and results oriented sample report. We will also include a services price list for your review and planning.  (Full contact information is required - Include your name, company, address, and phone number)

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Red Wave Updates and news

In August 2016, our treatise (dissertation) for Thermal Physics was accepted, reviewed, and approved for the Doctor of Science degree.

      Red Wave. Heat Speaks. We Listen.
Experimental and Industrial Photography -
      An imaging study of asymmetrical and non-isometric lines, angles and objects.

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Professional and Intelligent
   Nondestructive Testing Services
      Utilizing Infrared and Thermal Technologies
        With Pragmatic, Timely and Results Oriented Reports

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